Dr. Carolyn Mills


Dr. Carolyn Mills has chosen a career she enjoys, helping people find answers.


Keeping a balance in her life, she has also taken time to sail solo all over the world in her yacht Tioga III. An explosion at sea changed her life forever. Floating unconscious in 250 gallons of diesel oil, she came out of the coma after 3 and a half days and rescued herself. Toxic diesel poisoning almost destroyed her. In order to live, she had to find the purest air in the world. She thus went to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand to recover, for 14 years, before returning to live in the United States. Her own personal experience in crisis, loss of health and life as she knew it, and overcoming obstacles gives Dr. Mills a unique perspective in helping others.


A Ph.D with 40 years of experience, Dr. Mills has also been a professor of psychology, of management and business, and communications at several universities. She worked with many of the Fortune 500 companies.